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  • List of mothers superior and deceased sisters (ff.23v-24r)

    Memorial register of the St Nicholas' convent in Utrecht; Utrecht, HUA, 708-20, no. 986

    TEXT CARRIER [240] | Utrecht, (Utrecht), Het Utrechts Archief

    Register of the convent of St Nicholas in Utrecht. Manuscript from the end of the 15th century, containing foundation charters, several lists of gifts and names, a register of memorial services, a necrology, and the shorter version of the chronicle of the St Nicholas convent in Utrecht, of which no edition exists. A longer version of this chronicle is held at the Utrecht Universiteitsbibliotheek (ms. 1260) and was edited by Vermeulen (1852). The manuscript was made from three separate parts: ff.1r-42v (foundation charter, chronicle, name lists and list of memorial services), f. 43 (list of deceased sisters), and ff.44r-70v (the necrology).

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