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Necrology of the Mariënpoel Monastery, Oegstgeest; Leiden, ELO, 503, no. 888

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Title and MeMO text carrier ID
MeMO text carrier ID 118
Name Necrology of the Mariënpoel Monastery, Oegstgeest; Leiden, ELO, 503, no. 888
[228] Necrology of the Monastery Mariënpoel 5r - 31r
[239] Astrological notes 32r - 35r
Type of text carrier Manuscript with more than one text
Classification Miscellany
Short description Necrology of the Mariënpoel Monastery, in which the annual memorial services for rectors, prioresses, nuns, clerics from related monasteries, and benefactors are recorded. Some tables are included, e.g. the computation of easter dates, astrology and leeching.
Additional remarks
Holding institution Leiden, Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken (formerly known as: Regionaal Archief Leiden)
Collection Archieven van de Kloosters
Entry number collection 503
Identifier in collection 888
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Alternative collection
Alternative collection identifiers
Accessibility Facsimile on the website of ELO
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Original institution(s)
Dates of separate texts
  • ca.1500-1556
Text material(s)
  • paper without watermark
Number of leaves 40
Collation 12, 2-35, 36, 42
Dimensions (mm)
Height x width 230 x 150
Condition of the text carrier Good
Conservation The first few folios seem to have been bound in the wrong order. F. 2 contains a part of the calendar, which only starts on f. 5. F. 3 contains a continuation of the astrological table on ff. 34v-35r. Both folios thus probably belong somewhere further in the book. Folio 4 is missing, although there are no traces of it having been cut out. Possibly the error occurred during the modern rebinding.
Type(s) of adaption
Cover material(s)
  • unknown
Date of the cover
Specification Modern cover, the original is lost
Additional remarks
Table of contents
Is there a contemporary (e.g. medieval) table of contents in the text carrier? no
Is there a colophon in the text carrier? no
Are the texts in the text carrier rubricated? yes
Number of heraldic items
Locations of the heraldry in the text carrier
Location(s) of the illustration(s)
  • accompanying a non-memorial text
  • accompanying a memorial text
Types of illustrations
  • diagrams, astrological tables, etc.
  • marginal decoration(s)
Specification The names of the saints in the necrology, the months and parts of the astrological tables are rubricated. In one of the astrological tables, a circle with the names of the astrological signs is present. There is a bookmark in the manuscript with on one side an illustration of the five wounds of Christ and on the other side an illustration of the three attributes with which Jesus was ridiculed: a column, three thorns and a faggot.
Additional remarks
Provenance A great part of the archive of Mariënpoel (including this necrology) came into the possession of the chapter of the Old-Episcopal Clergy (Oud-Bisschoppelijke Clerezij) in Utrecht, but nowadays it rests as loan in the regional archive of Leiden.
Marks of ownership
Type(s) of mark(s) of ownership
  • stamp(s)
Specification One stamp of the Oud-Bisschoppelijke clerezij (Old-Episcopal Clergy) and one of the Rijksarchief (National Archive) in The Hague.
Additional remarks
  • Leiden, ELO, Facsimile of the necrology of the Mariënpoel Monastery, Oegstgeest; Leiden, ELO, 503, no. 888,
Additional remarks
  • Velde, Simone van der, Gebed zonder eind. De memorieboeken van klooster Mariënpoel (1428-1573) (Utrecht 1999), 18-21
Additional remarks
Other documentation
Additional remarks
Additional remarks

Memorial text in: [118] Necrology of the Mariënpoel Monastery, Oegstgeest; Leiden, ELO, 503, no. 888 [118]

Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
  • memorial register (memorial services)
  • necrology
  • kalendarium
Title and MeMO memorial text ID
Title Necrology of the Monastery Mariënpoel
MeMO memorial text ID 228
Pagination or foliation
  • Folio 5r to 31r
Specification f. 2r seems to have been part of the necrology as well
Date of creation (physical object)
Date ca.1500-1556
  • date(s) are mentioned in the text
  • based on research
Date of creation (contents of the text)
Date ca.1500
  • based on research
Period covered by the memorial text
Date 1400-1556
  • date(s) are mentioned in the text
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Institution [372] Mariënpoel, Regularissen (Marienpoel Convent, Regular Canonesses), Oegstgeest
Name of the commissioning party of the original text
Composition of the commissioning party
Specification (composition)
Members of the commissioning party
Commissioning person(s)
Commissioning institution(s)
Additional remarks
  • Latin
Description of hands
Description of hands The necrologium is written in different hands, hybrida and cursives
Statement of responsibility
Additional remarks
Place(s) of production
Place(s) of production Monastery of Mariënpoel
Intended users/audience
  • for communal purposes in an institution or community (liturgical)
  • for communal purposes in an institution or community (administrative)
Intended place of usage
Specification (intended place)
Depository inside the institution
Specification (depository)
Traces of usage
Additional remarks
Order of the data in the text
Type of registration according to the liturgical calendar/cycle
Specification In order to compute the correct date of easter several tables are included
Register of memorial services
Type(s) of memorial services
  • unknown
Number of memorial services 100-199
Frequency of memorial services
  • annually
Executor(s) of memorial services
Commemorated persons
Number of the commemorated persons 100-199
Sex of the commemorated persons 25% male, 75% female
Background of commemorated persons
  • people associated with the institution (professionally)
  • members of the institution (full membership) (e.g. brothers and sisters)
  • members of another institution
  • people associated with the institution (socially)
Supplementary information
The register contains supplementary information concerning
Additional remarks
Incipit JANUARIUS A Circumcisio Domini Anniversarius simplex sororis nostre Soete Jacobi monialis obijt anno domini 14 etatis sue lxx cum parentibus suis
Explicit g Jacobi Hegritii vicinis nostris ij sepulte (??); xiij A
Illustrations or decorations
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