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Remnant of a memorial piece of Hendrik Raescop

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MeMO memorial object ID and name
MeMO memorial object ID 141
Name Remnant of a memorial piece of Hendrik Raescop
Holding institution(s)
Holding institution(s)
  • Utrecht, Domkerk (St. Maartenskerk)
Type Memorial item (physical object)
Classification Single piece (sculpture)
Short description Remnant of a memorial piece; only the stone tablet with memorial text remains
Remarks about category
General date
General date 1425-1475
Original institution(s)
Original institution [21] St. Maartenskerk (Domkerk) (St Martin´s Church (Dom Cathedral)), Utrecht
  • the memorial object is still in the original institution
Specification The commemorated person was a canon at this church
Still in original institution? yes
Location inside the institution
In situ? yes
(Probable) original location
  • near an altar
  • in a chapel
  • near another memorial object for the commemorated person(s) or relatives
Argumentation Raescop's memorial piece has always been located in the 'Blasiuskapel' (chapel of St Blaise), which in the 15th century was known as the 'Raescopkapel' (chapel of Raescop). From the text on the memorial piece we can gather that it was placed near or above an altar which was founded by Raescop himself. Archival records have revealed that Raescop was the founder of the altar of All Saints. He founded a daily Mass at this altar in 1451. Raescop's grave was located in the chapel as well.
Related memorial objects in the same institution
Additional remarks (original location)
Additional remarks
Memorial piece
  • liturgical/religious
Additional remarks
Memorial monument or floor slab
Grave findings
Additional remarks
Original function memorial piece
Change in function
Remarks about function argument for function: memorial text
Name Henricus Raescop (Hendrik Raescop)
Members of the commemorated party
Commemorated person(s)
  • [141] Henricus Raescop (Hendrik Raescop) (male)
Commemorated institution(s)
Relation between commemorated persons no relation (only one person mentioned/depicted)
Relation specification
Additional remarks argument for identification of commemorated party: text
Composition of the commissioning party
Members of the commissioning party
Commissioning person(s)
Commissioning Institution(s)
Relation between commissioning party and commemorated party
Relation specification
Additional remarks
  • stone
Specification sandstone; paint
Traces of polychromy?
Reuse of older objects
Dimensions (cm)
Height x width x depth 33 x 60 x 0
Completeness Incomplete: a fragment. The shape of the tablet suggests that it was originally surmounted by a religious image.
Condition The text is slightly damaged
Conservation The letters have been retouched with black paint
Technical research
Specification (technical research)
Additional remarks
Provenance The memorial piece has been in the church of old
Marks of ownership
Type(s) of mark(s) of ownership
  • Bloys van Treslong Prins, P.C., Genealogische en heraldische gedenkwaardigheden in en uit de provincie Utrecht (Utrecht 1919), 212; no. 76
  • Borst, P., et al., Graven en begraven in de Dom van Utrecht (Bunnik 1997), 115; I
  • Groot, A. de, De Dom van Utrecht in de zestiende eeuw. Inrichting, decoratie en gebruik van de katholieke kathedraal (Amsterdam 2011), 81, 284, 342; no. 47
  • Haslinghuis, E.J.; Peeters, C.J.A.C., De Nederlandse Monumenten van Geschiedenis en Kunst, dl. II, De provincie Utrecht, Eerste stuk, De gemeente Utrecht, Tweede aflevering, De Dom van Utrecht ('s-Gravenhage 1965), 293, 398; 2
Other documentation
SKKN: inv. no. 967-248, photo no. 967-248_2 (SKKN record of 1978: inv. no. 53)
Additional remarks
Additional remarks

Single piece (front) of [141] Remnant of a memorial piece of Hendrik Raescop

Indication of part
Indication of part Single piece (front)
Short description
Short description Remnant of a memorial piece; only the stone tablet with memorial text remains
Dimensions (cm)
Height x Width x Depth 33 x 60 x 0
Year 1455
Specified date 1455/01/22
  • date of death given on the object
Additional remarks
Holding institution
Holding institution Utrecht, Domkerk (St. Maartenskerk)
Collection identifier
Online description link
Alternative or previous collections
Alternative of previous identifiers
Accessibility No longer visible for visitors
Remarks about holding institution The tablet is located in the 'Blasiuskapel' (chapel of St Blaise), which currently serves as storage space. It is built into the west wall, to the left of the ladies' room.
Additional remarks
Additional remarks


Indication of part
Indication of part Single piece (front)
Place of the inscription
Place of the inscription across the tablet
  • Latin
Language specification
Transcription Hic iacet sepultus venerabilis magister Henricus Raescop, quondam prepositus beate Marie Traiectensis, canonicus et thesaurarius huius ecclesie ac fundator huius altaris, qui obiit anno MCCCCLV ipso die Sancti Vintcencii. Orate pro eo.
English translation Here lies buried the venerable master Hendrik Raescop, former provost of St. Mary's Church in Utrecht, canon and treasurer of this church and also founder of this altar, who died in the year 1455 on St. Vincent's Day. Pray for him.
Dutch translation Hier ligt begraven de eerbiedwaardige meester Hendrik Raescop, voorheen proost van de Mariakerk in Utrecht, kanunnik en thesaurier van deze kerk en ook stichter van dit altaar, die stierf in het jaar 1455 op St. Vincentsdag. Bid voor hem.
Lay-out Gothic textualis
Inscription mentioning
Name [141] Henricus Raescop (Hendrik Raescop) (male)
Sex male
Argumentation the person is being commemorated
Additional remarks
Additional remarks Memorial text including an appeal to the viewer for prayer for the commemorated person(s). St Vincent's Day is on January 22.

Person Description

Personal identification number
Personal identification number 141
Personal details
Name Henricus Raescop (Hendrik Raescop)
Sex male
Year/date of birth
Year/date of death 1455/01/22
Additional remarks Founder of the altar of All Saints in the St. Maartenskerk/Domkerk (St Martin’s Church/Dom Church) in Utrecht. He founded a daily Mass at this altar in 1451. Raescop was also buried in the St. Maartenskerk/Domkerk.
Social standing
Status secular clergy
  • mentioned in the inscription
Member of a convent
Religious order
Member of secular clergy
Type of secular clergy canon
Specification canon and treasurer of the St. Maartenskerk/Domkerk in Utrecht, respectively from 1419 and 1432; provost of the Mariakerk (St Mary's Church) in Utrecht in the period 1440-1452
Additional remarks
Additional remarks
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