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Membership list (book of chairs or stoelenboek) of the Holy Christmas guild (confraternity) (Heilig Kerstmisgilde) in Haarlem; Haarlem, NHA, 3921 no.103

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Title and MeMO text carrier ID
MeMO text carrier ID 159
Name Membership list (book of chairs or stoelenboek) of the Holy Christmas guild (confraternity) (Heilig Kerstmisgilde) in Haarlem; Haarlem, NHA, 3921 no.103
[373] Ordonantien, ende Statuten vanden karsGilde binnen der Stadt Haerlem. 1r - 5r
[760] Resolutien genomen bij de E. Heeren Deeckens, ende vinders int stuck vande toegeleijde penningen ter saecke van de overleveringe ten Huijse van de Boeckhoudende vinder gedaen: artikel 24 en 25 5v - 5v
[761] Resolutien genomen bij de Heeren Deeckens, ende vinders int stuck vant beleggen van Penningen ten profijte vant karmis Gilt.: artikel 26 6r - 6r
[762] Explicatie ende resolutien genomen bij de E. Heeren Deeckens ende vinders van het 10 en 11 Artikel van de Ordonantien [etc.]: artikel 27-29, d.d. 12 december 1645 6v - 7r
[763] Ampliatie van het 22, en 16 Artickel: artikel 30-31, d.d. 19 March 1659 7v - 7v
[764] Ampliatie van het 19, en 16 Artickel: artikel 32, d.d. 19 maart 1659 7v - 7v
[765] Alteratie van het 26 Artickel rakende het beleggen en verteren van Penningen.: artikel 33, d.d. 17 november 1671 8r - 8r
[374] Formulier om de Broederen en Susteren die buijten de stadt woonen ter Maeltijt te noodigen., d.d. 23 Dec. 1676 12v - 12v
[766] Decoding table between folio numbers in this 'stoelenboeck' and the folio numbers in the original 'Stoelenboeck van de Heer van Berckenrode.' 14r - 14v
[375] Kopie van het Stoelenboeck van de Heer van Berckenrode (Copy of book of chairs of the Lord of Berckenrode); List of members of the guild. 15r - 41v
[767] (Incomplete) index to the Stoelenboeck 42r - 46v
Type of text carrier Manuscript with more than one text
Classification Miscellany
Short description Copy from 1676 of the lost Stoelenboek van de Heer van Alckemade van Berckenrode, written in 1667. Manuscript containing the statutes of the guild, a formulary for an invitation letter of a member living outside Haarlem, as well as a list of members of the guild from 1374-1703.
Additional remarks
Holding institution Haarlem, Noord-Hollands Archief
Collection Heilig Kerstmisgilde te Haarlem, 1371-1958
Entry number collection 3921
Identifier in collection 103
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Alternative collection
Alternative collection identifiers
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Original institution(s)
Dates of separate texts
  • 1676-<1706
Text material(s)
  • paper with watermark
Watermark(s) A fool with a two-pointed hat and a big seven-pointed collar. This watermark indicates that the paper was made in the year 1673.
Number of leaves 46
Collation 123
Dimensions (mm)
Height x width 310 x 205
Condition of the text carrier Good condition
Type(s) of adaption
Cover material(s)
Specification Cover is lost. The book is sewn and the spine is strengthened with two strips of parchment, containing a middle Dutch text from ca. 1480. (See Jaspers, p. 12)
Date of the cover
Additional remarks
Table of contents
Is there a contemporary (e.g. medieval) table of contents in the text carrier? no
Is there a colophon in the text carrier? no
Are the texts in the text carrier rubricated? no
Number of heraldic items
Locations of the heraldry in the text carrier
Location(s) of the illustration(s)
Types of illustrations
Additional remarks
Provenance In loan from the Heilig Kerstmisgilde.
Marks of ownership
Type(s) of mark(s) of ownership
  • no mark of ownership
Additional remarks
Additional remarks
  • Jaspers, Gerard J., Het Heilig Kerstmisgilde te Haarlem; Nieuwe aspecten van een oude geschiedenis (Haarlem 2002), 11-17, 33-60
Additional remarks
Other documentation
Additional remarks
Additional remarks

Memorial text in: [159] Membership list (book of chairs or stoelenboek) of the Holy Christmas guild (confraternity) (Heilig Kerstmisgilde) in Haarlem; Haarlem, NHA, 3921 no.103 [159]

Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
  • memorial register (names)
Title and MeMO memorial text ID
Title Kopie van het Stoelenboeck van de Heer van Berckenrode (Copy of book of chairs of the Lord of Berckenrode); List of members of the guild.
MeMO memorial text ID 375
Pagination or foliation
  • Folio 15r to 41v
Date of creation (physical object)
Date 1676-<1706
  • based on research
Specification The last registration in the 'stoelenboek' dates from 1703. In the later 'stoelenboeken' of Van Tetroode and of Van Sasse van Ysselt in 1704, 1705 and 1706 nobody was registered. Therefore the second scribe must have stopped writing between 1703 and 1707.
Date of creation (contents of the text)
Date 1676
  • based on research
Specification The convocation form in this same manuscript for the guild-meal on 11 and 12 January 1677 for the members living outside Haarlem is dated 23 December 1676. From the watermark it can therefore be concluded that the paper was three years old when the first scribe started writing. (See Jaspers, p. 12)
Period covered by the memorial text
Date 1374-1703
  • date(s) are mentioned in the text
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Institution [950] Heilig Kerstmisgilde (Holy Christmas guild (confraternity)), Haarlem
Institution [296] Grote of St. Bavokerk (St Bavo's Church), Haarlem
Name of the commissioning party of the original text
Composition of the commissioning party
Specification (composition)
Members of the commissioning party
Commissioning person(s)
Commissioning institution(s)
Additional remarks
  • Dutch
Description of hands
Description of hands Two hands. The first hand wrote all records until 1697 (see chairs 2, 7, 36 and 47) in the normal Dutch script of the seventeenth century. The second hand only wrote the inscriptions from 1700 and 1703.
Statement of responsibility
Additional remarks
Place(s) of production
Place(s) of production
Intended users/audience
  • for communal purposes in an institution or community (administrative)
Intended place of usage
Specification (intended place)
Depository inside the institution
Specification (depository)
Traces of usage
Additional remarks
Order of the data in the text
Type of registration
Specification According to chair number of the members of the guild
Filiation This same list, with later additions, can be found in three other books, entry numbers 3921:104-106.
Register of names
Type of register of names list of members of a confraternity
Persons mentioned
Number of names 200-499
Sex of the persons mentioned (in percentages) 50% male, 50% female
Background of the persons mentioned
  • members of the institution (full membership) (e.g. brothers and sisters)
Specification For more detailed information about the backgrounds of the mentioned persons, see Jaspers, ch. 4, pp. 33-60
Persons are registered while alive/dead
Supplementary information
The register contains supplementary information concerning
Specification Chairnumbers, and reference to folio numbers.
Additional remarks Before the text of the Stoelenboek begins, a decoding table is included with the folio numbers in this stoelenboek related to the numbers in the original 'Stoelenboeck van de Heer van Berckenrode.' In the back of this manuscript is an alphabetical index of the names mentioned in the stoelenboek.
Incipit Anno 1406 . lib . 1 . fol . 22 . Aelbert van Schoten
Explicit 1703 lib . 4 . fol . 23 Juffr. Johanna Clara Matthoun(?) bij coop van haer nicht voors.
Illustrations or decorations
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