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Floor slab of members of the Graven family

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MeMO memorial object ID and name
MeMO memorial object ID 2185
Name Floor slab of members of the Graven family
Holding institution(s)
Holding institution(s)
  • Maastricht, Chapel of former Nieuwenhof beguinage
Type Tomb monument, tomb slab or floor slab (physical object)
Classification Tomb slab or floor slab
Short description Large stone slab with a worn shield in the centre, inscriptions above and below, and a blank(?) band along the edges
Remarks about category
General date
General date 1400-1450
Original institution(s)
Original institution [366] Nieuwenhof, Begijnhof (Catharina Bongert) (Nieuwenhof, Beguinage (Catharina Bongert)), Maastricht
  • object is in the rebuilt institution
Still in original institution? probably yes
Location inside the institution
In situ? no
(Probable) original location
Related memorial objects in the same institution
Additional remarks (original location)
Additional remarks The slab probably originates from the former location of Nieuwenhof beguinage, just outside the town walls of Maastricht. When, around 1482, the beguinage was rebuilt at its current location inside the town walls, the slab may have been moved there as well. See also Provenance.
Memorial piece
Additional remarks
Memorial monument or floor slab
Function liturgical/religious and social
Grave findings
Additional remarks • Commemorated on the object are a married couple, (members of) a nuclear family or (members of) an extended family: see Commemorated party. • No information is available about possible other functions, because the object is too damaged or no photograph is available.
Original function
Change in function
Remarks about function
Name members of the Graven family
Members of the commemorated party
Commemorated person(s)
  • [4461] Thies Grave (Graven) (male)
Commemorated institution(s)
Relation between commemorated persons extended family (of which one or more members died after 1580)
Relation specification Thies Graven and a distant family member who died in 1604 (see Physical description > Alterations)
Additional remarks
Composition of the commissioning party
Members of the commissioning party
Commissioning person(s)
Commissioning Institution(s)
Relation between commissioning party and commemorated party
Relation specification
Additional remarks
  • stone
Traces of polychromy?
Reuse of older objects
Dimensions (cm)
Height x width x depth 186 x 87 x 0
Completeness Largely complete: losses along the edges (filled with cement)
Condition The slab is damaged and badly worn and/or weathered. The bottom inscription is hard to read. Contours of worn away images?
Technical research
Specification (technical research)
  • inscription(s) added
  • heraldry added
Specification The slab has been reused: a heraldic shield and an inscription in Roman majuscules have been added to commemorate Ghylis (Gillis) Graven, who died in 1604. He was possibly: A) the Gillis Graven who was married to Maria van Libeeck (Libeek), or B: the Gillis Graven who was born in 1559 as a son of the latter couple and was married to Maria Lenaerts (Lenarts). Both the shield and the inscription are placed upside down compared to the original inscription.
Additional remarks The above-mentioned dimensions exclude the stone frame. Dimensions including the frame: 199 x 101 cm.
Provenance Nieuwenhof beguinage just outside the town walls of Maastricht; Nieuwenhof beguinage inside the town walls of Maastricht, at the 'Zwingelput'
Marks of ownership
Type(s) of mark(s) of ownership
  • Belonje, J., Genealogische en heraldische gedenkwaardigheden in en uit de kerken der provincie Limburg, Publications de la Société Historique et Archéologique dans le Limbourg 96-97 (1960), , 166; no. 5
Other documentation
• Gravenshof, Amby. • RCE, Amersfoort: object no. 508.977.
Additional remarks
Additional remarks The Graven family was a prominent Maastricht family. From the 16th until well into the 18th century, this family produced numerous mayors, bailiffs and aldermen of Maastricht and its surrounding areas. Furthermore, Gillis' (great-)granddaughter Maria Graven was prioress of Nieuwenhof beguinage in 1630.

Tomb or floor slab (front) of [2185] Floor slab of members of the Graven family

Indication of part
Indication of part Tomb or floor slab (front)
Short description
Short description Large stone slab with a worn shield in the centre, inscriptions above and below, and a blank(?) band along the edges
Dimensions (cm)
Height x Width x Depth 186 x 87 x 0
Year 1432
Specified date 1432/03/??
  • date of death given on the object
Specification date of death of Thies Graven, the earliest date mentioned on the slab
Additional remarks
Holding institution
Holding institution Maastricht, Chapel of former Nieuwenhof beguinage
Collection identifier
Online description link
Alternative or previous collections
Alternative of previous identifiers
Remarks about holding institution The slab is located in the chapel, against the wall
Additional remarks
Additional remarks


Indication of part
Indication of part Tomb or floor slab (front)
Place of heraldry
Place of heraldry in the centre of the slab, immediately below the added inscription
Specification of heraldry
Type of heraldry Personal use of family arms (one undivided shield)
Shape of the shield Early renaissance shield
Description of the shield a mark (een merk)
Description of the upper arms (helmet, crest and mantling)
Additional parts of the achievement
Type of supporter
English translation of the motto
Insignia or attributes
Heraldry belonging to
Heraldry belonging to
Additional remarks
Additional remarks This shield was added later. It most likely shows the personal mark of Gillis Graven. The mark is very similar to a mark on a foundation stone of 1595 that mentions mill master Ghylis (Gillis) Graven. The stone originates from a tanning mill which was located nearby Nieuwenhof beguinage (see the website 'Vrienden Maastrichtse gevelstenen').


Indication of part
Indication of part Tomb or floor slab (front)
Place of the inscription
Place of the inscription lower part of the slab (originally the upper part of the slab)
  • Dutch
Language specification
Transcription Hir is begraven thies grave strf anno IVc en XXXIJ. in de meert.
English translation Here is buried Thies Graven, died in the year 1432, in March.
Dutch translation Hier is begraven Thies Graven, stierf in het jaar 1432, in maart.
Lay-out Gothic textualis
Inscription mentioning
Name [4461] Thies Grave (Graven) (male)
Sex male
Argumentation the person is being commemorated
Additional remarks
Additional remarks

Person Description

Personal identification number
Personal identification number 4461
Personal details
Name Thies Grave (Graven)
Sex male
Year/date of birth
Year/date of death 1432
Additional remarks He died in the month of March
Social standing
Member of a convent
Religious order
Member of secular clergy
Type of secular clergy
Additional remarks
Additional remarks
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