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Description - Hospital

Groote- of Heilige Geestgasthuis in Deventer, Overijssel, NL

MeMO institution ID and name
MeMO institution ID 317
Name (Dutch) Groote- of Heilige Geestgasthuis
Name (English) Holy Ghost's Hospital
Patron saint(s)
  • Holy Ghost
Additional remarks
Location (according to current geography)
Province Overijssel, NL - Netherlands
Settlement Deventer
Coordinates 208/474
Diocese before 1559 Utrecht
Diocese after 1559 Deventer
Parish Deventer
Date of foundation <1267
Founder(s) or main benefactor(s)
Hospital or orphanage > Character of the institution
  • wanderers
  • poor women
  • sick men
  • sick women
  • poor men
  • religious brothers
  • religious sisters
Phases in the institutional history 1267: First mention of the hospital. Originally a hostelry for the benefit of travellers and wanderers who could not afford to pay an accommodation. Later (probably 1282) a hospital for the benefit of poor and sick citizens. 1542: Construction of the building. 1645: Relocation to the former Meester Geerts's monastery. <1700: In the second half of the seventeenth century, the hospital was joined with the Voorster Gasthuis. 1880: The hospital united with the other hospitals in Deventer to form the Verenigde Gestichten.
Date of dissolution/transition to secular management
Additional remarks
Extant memorial objects and/or texts concerning memoria
Memorial objects
Text carriers
Type of extant material institution archive/archival material
Storage in one place
Short description of the material Inventory 0767: Groote (vroeger Heilige Geesten-) en Voorster gasthuis te Deventer. 1267-1920.
Holding institution(s)
Name Athenaeumbibliotheek
Settlement Deventer, Overijssel, NL
Additional remarks
  • AndrĂ©, A., Het Heilige Geest Gasthuis te Deventer tot het jaar 1600: ontwikkeling en samenstelling van het vermogen en het inkomen uit het vermogen in het licht van de sociaal- ekonomische geschiedenis van Deventer ( 1980)
  • Hogenstijn, C.M. , De Verenigde Gestichten: geschiedenis van Deventer gasthuizen en hun landerijen (Deventer 1988)
  • Hogenstijn, C.M. , Dimensies van geestelijke gezondheidszorg in Overijssel: de Stichting Dimence en de geschiedenis van haar voorgangsters (Deventer 2009)
  • Stenvert, Ronald; Hove, Jan ten; Kooij, Ben ; Kolman, Chris; Olde Meierink, B.; Knuijt , Marieke , Monumenten in Nederland. Overijssel (Zeist/Zwolle 1998)

Building history

General date of construction 1542
Church or chapel(s)
Name Deventer, Holy Ghost hospital
Date of foundation 1267
Date of consecration
Short history of the building stages 1391: One wing of the former complex, with the original entrance at the Kleine Overstraat 46-54, is dated back to 1391. 1542: Construction of the Late Gothic main building on the Brink as a hospital by city-bricklayer Derk Gaertsen. After the hospital moved to the former Meester Geertshuis in 1645, the complex, including the facade, was altered. 1962: Reconstruction of the Late Gothic facade (pinnacles).
Additional remarks
Burial ground
Date of consecration
Date of clearance
Extant building remnants
Additional remarks
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