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Floor slab of an unknown person and Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde

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MeMO memorial object ID and name
MeMO memorial object ID 3206
Name Floor slab of an unknown person and Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde
Holding institution(s)
Holding institution(s)
  • Zaltbommel, Grote of St. Maartenskerk
Type Tomb monument, tomb slab or floor slab (physical object)
Classification Tomb slab or floor slab
Short description Badly worn stone slab with an inscription along the edge, which is now largely obliterated by later inscriptions and heraldry
Remarks about category
General date
General date 1450-1500
Original institution(s)
Original institution [29] Grote of St. Maartenskerk (St Martin's Church), Zaltbommel
Still in original institution? yes
Location inside the institution
In situ?
(Probable) original location
  • in the church/chapel (exact location unknown)
Related memorial objects in the same institution
Additional remarks (original location)
Additional remarks
Memorial piece
Additional remarks
Memorial monument or floor slab
Function liturgical/religious and social
Grave findings
Additional remarks • For social relation, see Commemorated party. • No information is available about possible other functions, because the object is too damaged or no photograph is available.
Original function
Change in function
Remarks about function
Name Unknown person and Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde
Members of the commemorated party
Commemorated person(s)
  • [5920] Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde (male)
Commemorated institution(s)
Relation between commemorated persons relation (type of relation unknown)
Relation specification
Additional remarks Apart from Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde probably another person was commemorated in the same inscription. The commemoration of persons in one inscription suggests a relationship, but in this case its nature is unknown.
Composition of the commissioning party
Members of the commissioning party
Commissioning person(s)
Commissioning Institution(s)
Relation between commissioning party and commemorated party
Relation specification
Additional remarks
  • stone
Specification Blue hardstone
Traces of polychromy?
Reuse of older objects
Dimensions (cm)
Height x width x depth 203 x 127 x 0
Completeness Losses along the edges and on the bottom left corner
Condition Badly worn as well as recarved over time
Technical research
Specification (technical research)
  • inscription(s) added
  • heraldry added
Specification The later heraldry and inscription (upside down) commemorate burgomaster Jan Hanrickszn van Soelen (d. 1611) and his wife Gericken Hoosten (d. 1616). The other, also later, inscription is illegible. Both inscriptions partly cover the original inscription along the edges.
Additional remarks
Marks of ownership
Type(s) of mark(s) of ownership
  • Bams, W., Het Necrologium van de Sint-Maartenskerk te Zaltbommel (1312-1569) (Zaltbommel, Streekarchief Bommelerwaard ), 134v
  • Muschart, R.T., De Grafzerken in de St. Maartenskerk te Zaltbommel, Gelre 46 (1943), , 146-147
Other documentation
Additional remarks
Additional remarks Information provided by Peter van der Zalm. This slab has sometimes been claimed to be the oldest surviving memorial in St Martin's church, but this is based on R.C. Muschart's unreliable reading of the date on the slab as 1401.

Tomb or floor slab (front) of [3206] Floor slab of an unknown person and Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde

Indication of part
Indication of part Tomb or floor slab (front)
Short description
Short description Badly worn stone slab with an inscription along the edge, which is now largely obliterated by later inscriptions and heraldry
Dimensions (cm)
Height x Width x Depth 203 x 127 x 0
Year 1450-1500
Specified date
  • date of death given on the object
Additional remarks No dates on this worn slab can now be securely read or interpreted. The second person commemorated may be Arnoldus van Roermonde (d. 1471), but the slab may be older.
Holding institution
Holding institution Zaltbommel, Grote of St. Maartenskerk
Collection identifier
Online description link
Alternative or previous collections
Alternative of previous identifiers
Remarks about holding institution The slab is situated in the centre of the nave
Additional remarks
Additional remarks


Indication of part
Indication of part Tomb or floor slab (front)
Place of the inscription
Place of the inscription along all four edges of the slab originally
  • Dutch
Language specification
Transcription Int jair ons heren [Anno M CCCC [...] [XXI ...] van Rouremunde. bit vor de siel.
English translation In the year of our Lord [...] van Rouremonde. Pray for the soul.
Dutch translation
Lay-out Incised Gothic textualis lettering, partly obliterated by wear and by later inscriptions
Inscription mentioning
Name [5920] Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde (male)
Sex male
Argumentation the person is being commemorated
Additional remarks
Additional remarks R.C. Muschart's transcription is far from reliable and the slab is now in such a worn state that the inscription can no longer be read with confidence.

Person Description

Personal identification number
Personal identification number 5920
Personal details
Name Arnoldus(?) van Roermonde
Sex male
Year/date of birth
Year/date of death 1471/11/08
Additional remarks The name 'Van Roeremunde' is mentioned on the fourth side of the slab, but no first name remains to be read. The person may be Arnoldus, whose death is recorded in the Necrologium of St Martin's church as Arnoldus de Rueremundt on 8 november 1471.
Social standing
Status citizen of city
Member of a convent
Religious order
Member of secular clergy
Type of secular clergy
Additional remarks
Additional remarks
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