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Necrology of the Chapter of St Martin (Dom) in Utrecht; Utrecht, HUA, 216, no. 399

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Title and MeMO text carrier ID
MeMO text carrier ID 392
Name Necrology of the Chapter of St Martin (Dom) in Utrecht; Utrecht, HUA, 216, no. 399
[1684] Necrology of the Chapter of St Martin (Domkapittel) 16th century 1r - 95v
Type of text carrier Manuscript with one text
Classification Manuscript with one text written in more than one hand
Short description Copy of the earlier necrologies of the Cathedral Chapter in Utrecht (HUA, 216, no. 397; MeMO Text Carrier ID 390, and HUA, 216, no. 398; MeMO Text Carrier ID 391) with continuations from the 16th century. Like the previous necrology, the entries before Epiphany are missing.
Additional remarks
Holding institution Utrecht, Het Utrechts Archief
Collection Domkapittel te Utrecht
Entry number collection 216
Identifier in collection 399
Link to online description
Alternative collection
Alternative collection identifiers
Accessibility Facsimile on the website of HUA
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Original institution(s)
Dates of separate texts
  • >1500-<1600
Text material(s)
  • paper
Number of leaves 95
Collation (3+), 14-1, 2-124, (+3)
Dimensions (mm)
Height x width
Condition of the text carrier Water damage, wear by heavy usage (restored)
Conservation Worn edges restored by adding material, newly bound
Type(s) of adaption
  • loose leaves added
Specification Loose leaves added between 11v and 12r, 61v and 62r. Paper flyleaves are part of the modern rebinding.
Cover material(s)
  • cardboard
Specification Cardboard cover lined with paper
Date of the cover
Specification Modern rebinding
Additional remarks Every quire coincides with a month, i.e. every month starts on a new quire, the last leaf of a quire is therefore sometimes left blank. This indicates that the first folio probably has been removed. Foliation relates to the original folios, paper flyleaves are not counted.
Table of contents
Is there a contemporary (e.g. medieval) table of contents in the text carrier? no
Is there a colophon in the text carrier? no
Are the texts in the text carrier rubricated? no
Number of heraldic items
Locations of the heraldry in the text carrier
Location(s) of the illustration(s)
  • accompanying a memorial text
  • loose leaf
Types of illustrations
  • diagrams, astrological tables, etc.
  • architectural drawings
Specification On the back of loose leaf between 11v and 12r: architectural drawing of renaissance arch. 95v: diagrams for the calculation of time.
Additional remarks
Marks of ownership
Type(s) of mark(s) of ownership
  • stamp(s)
Specification f. 1r: stamp of the 'Rijksarchieven in de provincie Utrecht'
Additional remarks
  • Matthaeus, A., Fundationes et fata ecclesiarum, praesertim quae Ultrajecti, et in ejusdem suburbiis, et passim alibi in dioecesi. libri duo (Leiden 1703), 34-35
  • Utrecht, HUA, Facsimile of Necrology of the Chapter of St Martin (Dom) in Utrecht,
Additional remarks
  • Buchelius, A., Afschriften van stukken van verschillende herkomst, band F; ff. 13-18v
Additional remarks
Other documentation
Additional remarks
Additional remarks

Memorial text in: [392] Necrology of the Chapter of St Martin (Dom) in Utrecht; Utrecht, HUA, 216, no. 399 [392]

Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
  • obituary
  • necrology
  • memorial register (memorial services)
  • kalendarium
Title and MeMO memorial text ID
Title Necrology of the Chapter of St Martin (Domkapittel) 16th century
MeMO memorial text ID 1684
Pagination or foliation
  • Folio 1r to 95v
Date of creation (physical object)
Date >1500-<1600
  • based on research
Date of creation (contents of the text)
Date 1386-1387
  • based on research
Period covered by the memorial text
Date <1387-<1600
  • based on research
Specification The necrology is a continuation of earlier necrologies, of which the first one started in 1386/87. All earlier entries have been copied, so the first entries date probably from or before the year 1386/87.
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Institution [21] St. Maartenskerk (Domkerk) (St Martin´s Church (Dom Cathedral)), Utrecht
Name of the commissioning party of the original text
Composition of the commissioning party
Specification (composition)
Members of the commissioning party
Commissioning person(s)
Commissioning institution(s)
Additional remarks
  • Latin
Description of hands
Description of hands Gothic cursive, at least three different hands. Headers written in highly stylized cursive (bastarda).
Statement of responsibility
Additional remarks
Place(s) of production
Place(s) of production
Intended users/audience
  • for communal purposes in an institution or community (liturgical)
Intended place of usage
  • in the church
Specification (intended place)
Depository inside the institution
Specification (depository)
Traces of usage
Additional remarks
Order of the data in the text
Type of registration in a calendar (Roman/Julian/Gregorian)
Filiation Copy of the older necrologies HUA 216-397 and 398 (MeMO Text Carrier ID 390, 391)
Register of memorial services
Type(s) of memorial services
  • visit to the grave
  • mass (including daily masses that are not a memorial mass)
Number of memorial services > 1000
Frequency of memorial services
  • annually
  • monthly
Executor(s) of memorial services
  • member(s) of the institution
Commemorated persons
Number of the commemorated persons > 1000
Sex of the commemorated persons 100% male
Background of commemorated persons
  • members of the institution (full membership) (e.g. brothers and sisters)
  • people associated with the institution (socially)
Specification Almost all nobility and clergy. Canons of chapters other than St Martin's are commemorated as well.
Supplementary information
The register contains supplementary information concerning
  • about gifts
Specification Gifts in kind (books, liturgical items) and money
Additional remarks
Incipit Vigilia epihanie
Illustrations or decorations
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