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St. Antonius Abtkerk in Bokhoven, Noord-Brabant, NL

MeMO institution ID and name
MeMO institution ID 400
Name (Dutch) St. Antonius Abtkerk
Name (English) St Anthony's Church
Patron saint(s)
  • Anthony Abbot
Additional remarks Most literature mentiones Anthony Abbot as patron saint, Bijsterveld (1993) mentions Our Lady and St Catherine.
Location (according to current geography)
Province Noord-Brabant, NL - Netherlands
Settlement Bokhoven
Coordinates 144/416B
Diocese before 1559 Liege
Diocese after 1559 's-Hertogenbosch
Parish Bokhoven
Date of foundation 1363
Founder(s) or main benefactor(s)
Right of collation The abbot of Berne
Phases in the institutional history Founded in 1363 as a subsidiary of Hedikhuizen (St Lambert's Church). Since 1369 independent.
Date of reformation (or dissolution)
Additional remarks
Extant memorial objects and/or texts concerning memoria
Memorial objects
Text carriers
Type of extant material institution archive/archival material
Storage in one place
Short description of the material BHIC: 384 Rooms-Katholieke kerk in Bokhoven, 1285 - 1417, 4 described records.
Holding institution(s)
Name Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
Settlement 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, NL
Additional remarks
  • Beekman, A.A.; Veen, J.S. van, Geschiedkundige atlas van Nederland. De kerkelijke indeeling omstreeks 1550 tevens kloosterkaart III. De bisdommen Munster, Keulen en Luik; het bisdom Doornik (The Hague 1923), 32
  • Bijsterveld, Arnoud-Jan A. van, Laverend tussen Kerk en Wereld. De pastoors in Noord-Brabant 1400-1570. (Nijmegen 1993); Bijlage 3, no. I.9

Building history

General date of construction <1500
Church or chapel(s)
Name Bokhoven, St Anthony Abbot's Church
Date of foundation 1363
Date of consecration
Short history of the building stages <1500: The tower was built in the fifteenth century. 1498: Destruction of the church in acts of war, reconstruction of the nave afterwards. 1610: Construction of the transept. 1835: Restauration. 1944: The church was damaged in the Second World War. 1947-1950: Restauration of the church.
Additional remarks The church has a rich inventory, mainly dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Burial ground
Date of consecration
Date of clearance
Extant building remnants
Additional remarks
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