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Onze Lieve Vrouwebroederschap in Heusden, Noord-Brabant, NL

MeMO institution ID and name
MeMO institution ID 415
Name (Dutch) Onze Lieve Vrouwebroederschap
Name (English) Our Lady's Confraternity
Patron saint(s)
  • Our Lady
Additional remarks
Location (according to current geography)
Province Noord-Brabant, NL - Netherlands
Settlement Heusden
Coordinates 138/416A
Diocese before 1559 Utrecht
Diocese after 1559 's-Hertogenbosch
Parish Heusden
Date of foundation >1375-<1400
Founder(s) or main benefactor(s)
Aim of the foundation
Affiliated with a guild? no
Altar Our Lady's Chapel in St Catherine's Church, Heusden
  • secular clergy
  • laywomen
  • laymen
Phases in the institutional history 1412: First mention of the confraternity when count Willem VI gave the confraternity an altar. The confraternity at that time already existed, and was probably founded in the last quarter of the fourteenth century.
Date of dissolution ca.1609
Additional remarks
Extant memorial objects and/or texts concerning memoria
Memorial objects
Text carriers
Type of extant material institution archive/archival material
Storage slightly spread
Short description of the material Inventory 0308: Stadsbestuur Heusden, 1412 - 1814, contains some documents pertaining to the confraternity.
Holding institution(s)
Name Streekarchief Land van Heusden en Altena (SALHA)
Settlement Heusden, Noord-Brabant, NL
Additional remarks
  • Hoppenbrouwers, P.C.M., De broederschap van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw te Heusden, in: Boer, D.E.H. de; Marsilje, J.W., De Nederlanden in de late middeleeuwen (Utrecht 1987), 199-235

Building history

General date of construction <1400
Church or chapel(s)
Name St Catharine's Church, Heusden
Date of foundation 1328
Date of consecration
Short history of the building stages It 's likely that a thirteenth century church was enlarged in 1328 and 1406. <1400: The current nave and choir were constructed in the fourteenth century. 1550-1555: Construction of the northern transept and the northern side-aisle. 1569: After the cityfire of 1569 the church was renovated and partly rebuild. 1587: After the Reformation an extension of the choir became the consistory.
Additional remarks Part of the inventory are three bells (1334, 1501; made by Gerard van Wou, 1518; made by Wilhelmus and Jasper Moer), and numerous memorial tombs. One of them is a monument in memory of governor Johan Theodoor van Friesheim († 1733).
Burial ground
Date of consecration
Date of clearance
Extant building remnants
Additional remarks
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