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Missal of Loenersloot castle (fragment); Leiden, UB, BPL 2879

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Title and MeMO text carrier ID
MeMO text carrier ID 445
Name Missal of Loenersloot castle (fragment); Leiden, UB, BPL 2879
[2199] Calendar with notes concerning the families Van Swieten and Amstel van Mijnden 1r - 4v
[2198] Missal (fragment) 104r - 116v
Type of text carrier Manuscript with more than one text
Classification Miscellany
Short description Fragment of a missal of Loenersloot castle from 1438, consisting of a calendar and two quires with prayers and chants for the mass. The calendar contains notes in various hands about the families Van Swieten (owners of Loenersloot castle in 1438) and Amstel van Mijnden (owners of the castle since 1515), covering the years 1428-1554, as well as some notes about Loenersloot and surroundings.
Additional remarks
Holding institution Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek Leiden
Collection Special collections
Entry number collection
Identifier in collection BPL 2879
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Alternative collection
Alternative collection identifiers
Accessibility some grayscale digital images online
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Original institution(s)
Dates of separate texts
  • 1438-1554
  • Elizabeth de Gorinchem
Text material(s)
  • parchment
Number of leaves 17
Collation 12, 24, 32+3
Dimensions (mm)
Height x width 380 x 290
Condition of the text carrier Many quires lost. Still existing quires are in good condition.
Type(s) of adaption
Cover material(s)
Specification no cover
Date of the cover
Additional remarks Only three quires still exist, which were foliated when the missing quires were still there. The first quire contains the calendar (ff. 1-4), the two other quires were the last quires of a missal (ff. 104-116), and contains a colophon on the last folio.
Table of contents
Is there a contemporary (e.g. medieval) table of contents in the text carrier? no
Is there a colophon in the text carrier? yes
Specification f. 116v: contemporary colophon providing a date (1438, St Victor’s feast day), place (Mariënpoel convent in Oegstgeest) and scribe (a Sister Elizabeth de Gorinchem)
Are the texts in the text carrier rubricated? yes
Number of heraldic items
Locations of the heraldry in the text carrier
Location(s) of the illustration(s)
  • accompanying a non-memorial text
Types of illustrations
  • decorated initial(s)
Specification f. 106r (in the missal): initial E from gold leaf, decorated with elaborate red penwork flourishing, partly coloured in with blue and green.
Additional remarks
Provenance Bought by the University at the antiquarian B.M. Rosenthal, San Francisco, in 1978.
Marks of ownership
Type(s) of mark(s) of ownership
  • stamp(s)
Specification stamp of Leiden University on f. 1r
Additional remarks
  • Leiden, University Library, Some facsimile images of Missal of Loenersloot castle,
Additional remarks
  • Bouwman, W.P., Aantekeningen uit het missaal van het kasteel Loenersloot: Latijnse aantekeningen getranscribeerd, vertaald in het Nederlands en historisch toegelicht (Goes 1989)
  • Bouwman, W.P., Latijnse aantekeningen uit het missaal van het kasteel Loenersloot betreffende de families Van Zwieten en Van Amstel van Mijnden, De Nederlandsche Leeuw 115 (1998), 1-21
Additional remarks
Other documentation
Additional remarks
Additional remarks The manuscript was made in 1438 in the convent Mariënpoel, Oegstgeest. The convent was founded some years earlier by Boudewijn van Swieten, who owned the Loenersloot castle.


Personal details
Name Elizabeth de Gorinchem
Sex female
Year/date of birth
Year/date of death
Additional remarks
Additional remarks sister of Mariënpoel convent, Oegstgeest
Role(s) in this text carrier
Memorial text [2199] Calendar with notes concerning the families Van Swieten and Amstel van Mijnden
Role Scribe
Role(s) in other text carrier(s)

Memorial text in: [445] Missal of Loenersloot castle (fragment); Leiden, UB, BPL 2879 [445]

Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
Keywords (type(s) of memorial text)
  • narative source containing one or more historical events
  • narative source containing one or more biographies
  • memorial register (memorial services)
Title and MeMO memorial text ID
Title Calendar with notes concerning the families Van Swieten and Amstel van Mijnden
MeMO memorial text ID 2199
Pagination or foliation
  • Folio 1r to 4v
Date of creation (physical object)
Date 1438-1554
  • date(s) are mentioned in the text
  • based on research
Specification the manuscript was made in 1438, notes added until 1554
Date of creation (contents of the text)
Date 1438
  • based on research
Specification as mentioned in the colophon (f. 116v), the missal, with the calendar, was made in 1438
Period covered by the memorial text
Date 1428-1554
  • date(s) are mentioned in the text
Additional remarks
Original institution(s)
Institution [40] St. Catharinakapel (St Catharine's Chapel), Loenersloot
Name of the commissioning party of the original text
Composition of the commissioning party
Specification (composition)
Members of the commissioning party
Commissioning person(s)
Commissioning institution(s)
Additional remarks
  • Latin
Description of hands
Description of hands various hands, gothic textualis (for the calendar proper; hand of sister Elizabeth de Gorinchem) and cursive (for the historical and biographical entries)
Statement of responsibility
Name Elizabeth de Gorinchem
Sex female
Year of birth
Year of death
Role Scribe
Remarks sister of Mariënpoel convent, Oegstgeest
Additional remarks
Place(s) of production
Place(s) of production Mariënpoel convent, Oegstgeest (mentioned in the colophon on f. 116v)
Intended users/audience
  • for communal purposes in an institution or community (liturgical)
Intended place of usage
Specification (intended place)
Depository inside the institution
Specification (depository)
Traces of usage
Additional remarks
Order of the data in the text
Type of registration in a calendar (Roman/Julian/Gregorian)
Register of memorial services
Type(s) of memorial services
  • unknown
Number of memorial services < 50
Frequency of memorial services
  • unknown
Executor(s) of memorial services
Commemorated persons
Number of the commemorated persons < 50
Sex of the commemorated persons 50% male, 50% female
Background of commemorated persons
  • people associated with the institution (socially)
Specification members of the Van Swieten and Amstel van den Mijnden families
Supplementary information
The register contains supplementary information concerning
  • biographical information
Specification the calendar also contains various notes about the births in both families
Additional remarks It is not clear whether the memorial notes in the calendar were intended to be used as a calendar of memorial services for some institution in the strict sense. Many notes also contain different information about the families, such as births, and historical notes about events in Loenersloot and surroundings.
Incipit KL Januarius. Circumcisio domini
Explicit Anno domini m cccc xlvii obiit domicella Margareta de Swieten uxor Johannis de Poelgeest, ipso die sancti Stephani marteris. Requiescat in pace.
Illustrations or decorations
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