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St. Bavokerk (St. Baafskerk) in Aardenburg, Zeeland, NL

MeMO institution ID and name
MeMO institution ID 61
Name (Dutch) St. Bavokerk (St. Baafskerk)
Name (English) St Bavo's Church (St. Baafskerk)
Patron saint(s)
  • Bavo
Additional remarks
Location (according to current geography)
Province Zeeland, NL - Netherlands
Settlement Aardenburg
Coordinates 20/367C
Diocese before 1559 Doornik
Diocese after 1559 Brugge
Parish Aardenburg - Sint Bavo
Date of foundation <1030
Founder(s) or main benefactor(s)
Right of collation
Phases in the institutional history It is likely that the current church was a former chapel founded in 959 by St Bavo's Abbey (Gent). The church is mentioned as a parish church in 1030, together with Our Lady's Church.
Date of reformation (or dissolution) 1625
Additional remarks
Extant memorial objects and/or texts concerning memoria
Memorial objects
Text carriers
  • Cornelis, J.CH., Merkwaardige graven in de kerken te Aardenburg en te Sluis, Zeeuws tijdschrift 2 (1952), ?
  • Veen, J.S. van; Beekman, A.A., Geschiedkundige atlas van Nederland. De kerkelijke indeeling omstreeks 1550 tevens kloosterkaart III. De bisdommen Munster, Keulen en Luik; het bisdom Doornik (The Hague 1923), 103

Building history

General date of construction 1200-1300
Church or chapel(s)
Name St Bavo's Church, Aardenburg
Date of foundation 1030
Date of consecration
Short history of the building stages 1202: Devastation of a Romanesque cruciform church due to a fire. 1220: Construction of the transept and nave (one of the best remaining examples of the Scheldt Gothic in the Netherlands). 1300-1350:Construction of a new choir (hall church) and sacristy. 1607: Restoration of the tower. 1626: Restoration of the nave and aisles (1628). 1630: Addition of a consistory to the nave. <1700: Renovations to church and tower (seventeenth century). 1947-1956: Restoration after damage.
Additional remarks During the restoration of 1949 several fourteenth century decorated cellar tombs were discovered. The church floor holds several floor slabs. For example in memory of the wife of Willem Jacobsz Horne († 1466), Anna Lauwereysdochter Zoete († 1512) and Bartholomeus de Backere († 1613).
Burial ground
Date of consecration
Date of clearance
Extant building remnants
Additional remarks
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