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Ten Boer, Benedictijner Dubbelklooster in Ten Boer, Groningen, NL

MeMO institution ID and name
MeMO institution ID 803
Name (Dutch) Ten Boer, Benedictijner Dubbelklooster
Name (English) Ten Boer Abbey, Benedictine Monks and Nuns
Patron saint(s)
Additional remarks
Location (according to current geography)
Province Groningen, NL - Netherlands
Settlement Ten Boer
Coordinates 242/589CD
Diocese before 1559 M√ľnster
Diocese after 1559 Groningen
Parish Ten Boer
Date of foundation
Founder(s) or main benefactor(s)
Religious order
Type of religious order Benedictine
Associated with
Type of institution men and women
Mother house
Name of the mother house
Phases in the institutional history 1301: Benedictines. Between 1465 en 1485 the convent merged with the Benedictine convent of Thesinge.
Date of transition to secular management 1485
Date of dissolution 1485
Additional remarks After 1485 the convent was demolished. The chapel became the parish church of Ten Boer. In 1594 the church became protestant.
Extant memorial objects and/or texts concerning memoria
Memorial objects
Text carriers
Type of extant material institution archive/archival material
Short description of the material Access nr. 172
Holding institution(s)
Name Groninger Archieven
Settlement Groningen, Groningen, NL
Additional remarks
  • Karstkarel, Peter, Alle middeleeuwse kerken. Van Harlingen tot Wilhelmshaven (Leeuwarden 2007), 519
  • Schoengen, M., Monasticon Batavum III: De Benedictijnsche Orden. Benevens de Carmelieten en Jesuieten. (Amsterdam 1942), 20-21
  • Tromp, C., Groninger kloosters (Assen and Maastricht 1989), 14-16

Building history

General date of construction 1250-1300
Church or chapel(s)
Name Convent church of Ten Boer
Date of foundation
Date of consecration
Short history of the building stages <1300: The current Romano-Gothic church was constructed in the thirteenth century. 1485: Demolition of the monastery complex. The church survived as parish church. 1565: Renovation of the church. 1810: Construction of the turret, as replacement of the free-standing tower, which was demolished earlier.
Additional remarks
Burial ground
Date of consecration
Date of clearance
Extant building remnants Church
Demolition 1485
Additional remarks
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