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Where (holding institution)? FR - France
FR - France
Where (location of original institution)? Overijssel, NL - Netherlands
Overijssel, NL - Netherlands
Dialogus Noviciorum, including biographies of members of the Modern Devotion; Paris, BN, ms. NAL 728

15th century manuscript of unknown provenance, containing a work by Thomas a Kempis, consisting of four books: I. De contemptu mundi, a collection of exemples; II. Vita venerabilis magistri Gerardi Magni; III. Vita domini Florentii; IV. De discipulis domini Florentii. It contains biographies of Geert Groote, Florens Radewijns and nine pupils of Florens Radewijns.

Text Carrier [ ID 285 ] Paris, (Île-de-France), Bibliothèque Nationale de France