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Where (location of original institution)? Groningen, NL - Netherlands
Groningen, NL - Netherlands
Where (location of original institution)? -> Settlement Godlinze, Groningen, NL
Godlinze, Groningen, NL
Floor slab of Wernerus Alberti
Floor slab of Wernerus Alberti

Stone slab with a heraldic shield surrounded by tracery in the upper half, two angels supporting a heraldic shield showing a chalice and host in the lower half, an inscription along the edge, and medallions with the evangelist symbols in the corners

Memorial Object [ ID 24 ] Godlinze, (Groningen), Pancratiuskerk
St. Pancratiuskerk (St Pancratius's Church)
Parish [ ID 83 ] Godlinze, (Groningen)