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Where (location of original institution)? Groningen, NL - Netherlands
Groningen, NL - Netherlands
Where (location of original institution)? -> Settlement Leermens, Groningen, NL
Leermens, Groningen, NL
Floor slab of Willem Clant
Floor slab of Willem Clant

Stone slab with allied arms under an arch which is decorated with a winged cherub's head and two hybrid figures, an inscription along the edge, and roundels with heraldic shields in the corners

Memorial Object [ ID 32 ] Leermens, (Groningen), Donatuskerk
Floor slab of Richardus Jacobi

Stone slab with an inscription across the lower half, and a chalice and host at the bottom

Memorial Object [ ID 3119 ] Leermens, (Groningen), Donatuskerk
Printed necrology with handwritten notes (Missale Monasteriense); Groningen, UB, INC 137

Printed Missal with calendar containing handwritten notes on memorial services

Text Carrier [ ID 375 ] Groningen, (Groningen), Universiteitsbibliotheek Groningen
St. Donatuskerk (St Donatus's Church)
Parish [ ID 87 ] Leermens, (Groningen)