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Where (location of original institution)? Groningen, NL - Netherlands
Groningen, NL - Netherlands
Where (location of original institution)? -> Settlement Uithuizermeeden, Groningen, NL
Uithuizermeeden, Groningen, NL
Floor slab of Ode Huinga

Stone slab with a Renaissance architectural structure which shows a recumbent human(?) figure and a worn inscription between two pillars in the lower half, and four heraldic shields - held by angels and human figures - and a coat of arms in the upper half

Memorial Object [ ID 47 ] Uithuizermeeden, (Groningen), Mariakerk
Floor slab of Rudolf Huinga
Floor slab of Rudolf Huinga

Stone slab with a Renaissance aedicula which shows a cadaver on a tomb, heraldic shields to the sides and a coat of arms above, angels holding allied arms at the top, and an inscription flanked by crossbones at the bottom

Memorial Object [ ID 48 ] Uithuizermeeden, (Groningen), Mariakerk
Tomb of Rodolf Huinga: frontal view
Tomb monument of Rudolf Huinga

Stone wall/niche tomb with the effigy of a recumbent knight on a bed of state, a skull in his hand and a lion at his feet, and inscriptions across the front of the black base

Memorial Object [ ID 49 ] Uithuizermeeden, (Groningen), Mariakerk
Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk (Our Lady's Church)
Parish [ ID 96 ] Uithuizermeeden, (Groningen)